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What advice would an expert on auto repair give to someone who wants?

As an expert auto technician, id advise someone aspiring to be an auto technician to snap out of fantasies and acknowledge that motor vehicle technology has evolved tremendously and isn't a learn from your uncle trade anymore. Id appraise them of the complexity of the field currently and the fact that most (traditional) mechanics are more often than not found wanting in terms of their capacity to perform repairs on recent vehicles. every mechanical system has been blended with electronics and no system is now exclusively mechanical. This makes the field so complex as you ought to master trades that were separate a while back. the volume of material/concepts that you need to master has at least doubled without taking into account the rate at which new technology is coming into the fold. that means you'll have to update your technical knowledge base perennially in this field. This field now demands someone with ultra-thorough diagnostic behavior. You have to be 200% sure of your conclusion before you order parts; lest you buy a $400 part then realize its not the problem. Currently even technicians at the dealerships are always making wrong diagnosis but fortunately, the customer always pay for such mistakes. Complicating the field 10 fold more is the fact that we have tens if not hundreds of vehicle makes that have different design concepts and for you to then be able to work on most of them, you'd need to invest in years and years of experience on different makes and models. All this id say so that the guy would know how demanding that career path is currently so that they make an informed decision.

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